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Princeton Weekend
Princeton’s Gothic Archways to Colonial Countryside

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NJ-group.jpg (357133 bytes)Day 1: Friday evening cyclists gather at the Peacock Inn, a Victorian jewel in the heart of picturesque Princeton. After a gourmet dinner, we stroll through Princeton’s small-town streets and wander Princeton University’s gothic archways and scenic campus.
(For early arrivers: basic route: 25 miles easy)

Day 2: On our journey from Princeton to Lambertville and New Hope, we cycle through rolling hills and farmland. We arrive in Lambertville and New Hope, twin towns that straddle the Delaware River. Dining in Lambertville and lodging in New Hope, we enjoy the artsy ambiance that both towns offer. (basic route: 27 miles easy, extended route: 40 miles easy/moderate)

Day 3: From New Hope we head to Washington Crossing. It was here, in the middle of winter, that George Washington led the Colonists across the Delaware River in a surprise attack to defeat the British. We bike through Hopewell, another charming town with antique shops, and visit Terhune Orchard for a taste of Terhune’s famous Apple-Cider-Ice Swish. Our trip concludes in Princeton, for a chance to shop and tour the university campus. (basic route: 30 miles easy/moderate, extended route: 45 miles easy/moderate)


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